Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Resort

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Resort - Los Cabos, Mexico

In a terrain legendary for its beautiful desert hills, verdant golf links, golden beaches, and the indescribable blues of the Sea of Cortez, there exists a legend, a story told of angels in search of a paradise on earth. Upon arriving in Los Cabos, they gave up their wings in order to become mortal, thus allowing them to remain. And where did they find this paradise, this earthly utopia where they gladly made such an exchange? At the very spot where now stands the beautiful Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Resort.

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Resort

You may call the story a legend, a tale, a fable, whatever you like, but there is nothing mythical about the exquisite Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Resort. It is wonderfully real, a sparkling diamond set in the golden beaches of Los Cabos, against a backdrop of rugged desert beauty and graced by the shimmering waters of the sea and the forever blues of the Los Cabos skies. And the stunning scenery and incredible ambience are just the beginning.

With a spectacular 36-foot waterfall, a great arched viewing portal to the Sea of Cortez where a comfortable open-air lobby sits, and crisp organization throughout the entire resort, the five-floor 235-suite Marquis is a sweet oasis in the sun-drenched hills. A member of the Leading Hotels of the World, the resort boasts an impressive resume: Well-groomed gardens and landscaping, including many indigenous plants and cacti and palm trees of all types; friendly and professional staff; world-class chefs and excellent restaurants, including the five-star diamond award winning Canto del Mar; and a natural charm and warmth so characteristic of true Mexican hospitality.

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Resort

All areas of the hotel are handicap accessible with handicapped rooms available and wheelchair access to all public areas. There are several large free form swimming pools, one of the best and most complete fitness centers and spas in the entire Baja California, patios, and many excellent restaurants and bars. Other facilities include elevators, poolside services, and concierge services that can help you arrange sightseeing tours and other excursions.

The Secrets Marquis offers 12,000 square feet of meeting space and can fit up to 680 guests comfortably. The facilities are very spacious and contain the latest equipment. All meeting areas, including the breakout rooms, foyer, ballroom, and terrace are flexible and can be configured to meet your specifications.

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Resort

Dining at a restaurant where world-class chefs don't rely on menus so as to not limit their creativity results in a world-class dining experience. Award winning cuisine and chefs will introduce you to some unforgettable tastes of Los Cabos. Resort restaurants serve superior international cuisine along with local specialties. Appetizers and lighter fare, and refreshing drinks are served in the lounges, lobby and beach bars. Guests can also enjoy food and beverages with 24-hour room service.

There is an incredible breadth of activities available in the area. The Secrets Marquis is situated near world-recognized golf courses; if you like golf, you won't find any better place to do it. From the resort you can see whales migrating (in season) up and down the coastline; witness a small part of their magnificent ocean journey. The variety of ocean cruises is as plentiful as the fish that live in these waters. Every type and size and shape of boat you can think of is probably here, ready and prepared for an hour, a day, or an evening of snorkeling, cruising, whale watching, exploration, or fishing. Visit the 15,000 square foot Secrets Spa by Pevonia and enjoy the latest health and wellness treatments, with a full menu of facials, massages, body treatments. Enjoy about any water sport you can imagine, either right at the Marquis or at a venue close by. Great surfing, snorkeling, and swimming are minutes away!

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Resort

For your next romantic getaway, family vacation, or business meeting, let the Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Resort be your host! It is truly a resort for the six senses: Take in the sights of vivid underwater coral, deep star-lit night skies, fish bursting with color, and rugged mountains; smell the aromas of fresh sea breezes, lush vegetation and flowers breathing fragrance on the air, warm sand, and fine restaurant cuisine; feel the relaxation of a professional massage, the rhythm of a horse under you as you ride the foothills or beach, the thrill of an ATV or bicycle or Hummer adventure, the fierce tugs of a Marlin on the end of your fishing line, and the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez; hear the melodious sounds of exotic birds, the pounding surf on the beach, and live Jazz and Latin music; taste cool drinks and the finest cuisine anywhere.

The Marquis invites you to discover and rediscover your sixth sense - vacationing sense! The resort is a pleasant reminder that in a world of me and mine, there still are people who know the meaning of you and yours. Let the Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Resort delight your senses. It will be a vacation you never forget. See you in Los Cabos!

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